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remote video monitoring command center

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remote video monitoring command center
VDS Is A Challenger In The Area Of Video Monitoring Security. With vast knowledge and years of experience in the security industry, we bring our expertise to our latest project, Remote Monitoring.

Having learned from the past, we know how difficult it can be to keep yourself and your belongings protected. Single or even many physical guards seldom protect all areas and angles of your property and can become very pricy. Alarms and traditional camera systems can be delayed and are primarily used as evidence, after the fact

Along comes our original smart technology camera system, paired with our dynamic remote 24/7 monitoring, to customize a first-class customer experience in crime deterrence.

Today we are among the leaders in the industry, recognized nationally for our constant evolving in the world of surveillance, protecting you and your interests as we deter crime, granting you the peace of mind you deserve.

Unfortunately, Companies Nationally Are Losing Billions Of Dollars Annually Due To Criminal Activity, Coupled With Delayed Response Times.

Our modern solutions are simple and cost efficient.

So, how do we do it?
First we evaluate each site. Trained professionals estimate where you are most vulnerable to risk. We then integrate your existing hardware into our command center software.

No cameras, electricity, or internet?
Not a problem! Our line of products, ranging from solar powered to “plug & play” technology, ensures that we have the equipment which best suits our client’s needs. Our surveillance units cameras feed into our state-of-the-art remote surveillance center. There, an alarm sounds for every suspicious activity.

Our Operators are trained to combat each particular situation, as we know no two are the same. After a quick assessment they can respond in a plethora of ways, including silently summoning the authorities, sounding an alarm on site, and communicating directly with the intruder.

In addition, we offer dozens of customizable options. The outcome: prevent crime while saving you time, money, and agony. Our solutions cut the cost of physical guards, traditional reactive cameras, and losses due to crime. We do this all while offering custom care, providing for each client’s respective needs.

While we may be complex, what we do is simple.

We. Deter. Crime.

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Our Expert Team

Our team specializes in both technology and security to craft the perfect
consolidated solutions for your business”

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