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What is License Plate Recognition?

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License Plate Recognition is a form of optical technology that specializes in reading vehicle license plates. This technology, also called LPR, can instantly locate and read a car or truck license plate and then store it for later use. An LPR system has likely tagged anyone who has ever received a toll, traffic, or parking ticket without ever being pulled over.

License Plate Recognition systems serve a variety of purposes. This system can provide excellent surveillance results, provided they are correctly installed, and you have the correct setup for your needs. Ideally, your LPR system and team should offer:

  • Accuracy in reading and analyzing plates
  • Skilled installation and setup
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface for your team

Learning more about License Plate Recognition, or LPR, can help you make the best possible brand decisions. If you want to know more about how to choose a surveillance video company, we got this article for you.

As an industry-leading LPR provider, the Vision Detection Systems team works with brands and facilities of all sizes to improve safety and outcomes.

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How Does A License Plate Recognition Camera Work?

LPR cameras have several key components that combine to produce accurate results. At the heart of the system is a camera that captures passing vehicles’ video – and their license plates. The system then records and analyzes the video footage. Ideally, the information collected goes into a monitored command center, where it can be looked at in real-time.

Once a match is found, an alert can be triggered – and an action taken. That action could simply be to record the arrival of a vehicle into a specific area, generate a charge or invoice or even take a punitive step and issue a citation or ticket. Depending on who is doing the monitoring and the LPR purpose, the command center personnel will take different actions.

Once collected by a camera, LPR results are compared to existing vehicle registration and other databases. The results are analyzed, and the car’s registered owner in question is connected with the plate. While this type of system is often used by law enforcement to generate tickets for speeding, toll avoidance, and other issues, it is used by private organizations and brands. Hotels, parking garages, convention centers, and other facilities can benefit from knowing who is on the premises, how long they are there, and when they have departed. Want to learn more about the benefits of having an LPR system in place? Click here for more.

LPR Precision Matters

When it comes to LPR, accuracy is essential. Cameras need to be positioned correctly by a knowledgeable installer to get an image that the command center can successfully analyze. They also need to be in sync with the correct analytics and date with the latest information. The more precise and accurate your system is, the better; your results depend on the brand you choose for your License Plate Recognition system. 

Get the Results you Need from Your LPR Camera

Our skilled team is ready to help you get the results you need from LPR and make the most of this helpful technology. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team you can trust is the key to getting LPR right from the start — and to put it to work for your brand or facility. Get in touch today to see what License Plate Recognition can do for you and how it can help you create a more secure, safer environment. 

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