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Vision Detection Systems Provides Effective Construction Site Surveillance To Jobsites Across The Region.

Our construction site security monitoring systems include the latest technology. Equipment sourced from us or any other camera vendors can be monitored 24/7 from our remote command center. Command center personnel are vigilantly watchful for suspicious activity. When motion is detected, they can identify the suspect, sound alarms, and alert local law enforcement. We can monitor your existing video surveillance cameras or provide one of our mobile security trailers. Construction sites can use our security trailers for as long or as short as needed. VDS can provide the video security equipment or monitor your existing equipment. We provide the best construction security services in the region.

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Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers

Our mobile video surveillance trailers can protect any construction site. The systems are configured to work on any terrain or weather condition.

Our jobsite security cameras are self-powered by solar power or fuel power, depending on the location. No additional power source is needed. The trailer is backed by our qualified, well-trained command center staff remotely monitoring your site.  Our trailers are equipped with an integrated two-way radio system so our command center staff can converse with anyone on the construction site, whether that person’s presence is authorized or not. 

The surveillance trailers have motion detectors that will alert our team to disturbances.  The flashing blue and red lights and the siren provide added deterrents against theft, vandalism, and other construction-related crimes. We can provide as many trailers as you need to establish full coverage of your site. The surveillance trailers can be repositioned as your construction project progresses.  Mobile video surveillance trailers are the ideal choice for construction site security.


  • Can be delivered to any location
  • Portable, can be moved to different positions on the site
  • Self-Powered, no external power source needed
  • Immediately operational
  • Monitored can be scheduled 24/7 or as needed
  • Lights and sirens warn would-be thieves that your site is protected

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Surveillance Cameras

At Vision Detection Systems, our remote video monitoring turns your standard video camera systems into effective crime deterrents.  Our command center staff can respond to any threat in real-time to appropriately address the situation. Standard surveillance cameras can only record what happens.  Thieves and vandals often wear masks making the video cameras ineffective.  They have limited success preventing crimes from happening.  Adding remote video monitoring turns your video cameras into an interactive security system capable of stopping construction site theft before it occurs.  Our command center staff are like virtual security guards patrolling your site, warning trespassers, and immediately contacting the police. 

Construction Site Remote Video Monitoring

Our remote video monitoring service is our most popular construction security service.  Personnel in on command center remotely access your surveillance cameras, watching for signs of criminal activity.  Command center staff are carefully selected and trained to identify and respond to suspicious activity.  Our team leads the field in experience, training, and capability. When suspicious activity is witnessed, our command center staff follow security protocols to identify the threat and respond appropriately.  The best personnel in the industry are in our command center, monitoring your property 24/7.

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Why Clients Choose Vision Detection Systems

Vision Detection Systems is on a perpetual quest to earn our clients’ appreciation, our competitor’s respect, and the fear of criminals. We want to eradicate construction site theft.  We do not use a one size fits all approach to construction site security.  Our security recommendations are customized to fit your construction project.  We provide surveillance systems that include the best video surveillance technology.  Our command center staff are the vanguard of the security service industry.  Every client is in direct communication with our senior management team.  We provide cost-effective security services without diminishing the quality of our service. Vision Detection Systems’ remote video surveillance trailers are the right choice for protecting construction sites from theft and vandalism.

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