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Why VDS?

In today’s climate, efficiency and peace of mind are paramount. Whether you are planning an evening event, working on a twelve-month construction project, or own any sort of property, keeping yourself, your assets, and other people all safe and secure has always been and continues to be a priority. 

Here at Vision Detection Systems, or VDS, we intend to challenge the status quo in the world of both security and technology. 

With this challenge comes our promise of unequivocal protection and stress-free satisfaction, given to each of our clients as we cater to their particular needs. 

To some this may seem to be a fantasy—a promise of ease and tranquility, an expectation that seemingly cannot be met. A promise predicated on providing an impeccable service, one of complexity yet promised with simplicity.

Those skeptics have not yet experienced the capabilities of VDS.

To better explain our flawless approach, one that can’t be matched, let us take a closer look at the world of remote monitoring and mobile surveillance.

As the world changes, so has the field of security. In 2018 the idea of remote monitoring was introduced. The objective: no blind spots, faster response times, and fewer false alarms. Over the past few years, these solutions have overtaken the world of security. While many companies are all attempting to put their own spin on it, the concept itself requires flawless; proactive protection. 

Remote monitoring and mobile surveillance: Never misses a beat. Never out of sight. Always on time. 

While one may disburse many assets to obtain both human guards and surveillance cameras, as well as spending for high premium insurance policies, these solutions seldom ease the mind as regards the issue of security. 

For instance. While your human guard is on a break or at another part of your property, incidents occur. Soon you’re doubling the number of guards you require. Still, no full coverage. So, you add a camera system, but this solution is only helpful for reactive measures, providing recorded evidence after the fact that may lead nowhere. So, you’ve expended funds, but your valuables were nevertheless stolen. Now your insurance premiums are up. You have poured more money and assets into security and your primary worry is no longer making money or running a successful operation; instead, you’re spending your time consumed with how to avoid the next disaster. 

Well, it doesn’t always have to go that way. There are many excellent security guards and companies. Sometimes just having the physical cameras on site creates the illusion that your location is being monitored, and that in itself can deter crime. However, you will always have the uncertainty, the “what if?” Contracts expire, guards call in sick, cameras need maintenance, and all this preys on your mind. While you have apparently saved the time and money, have you really?

Mobile surveillance and video monitoring companies offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We take care of the headache and eliminate wasted expenses. “We’ve got you covered!” 

We do this by connecting our short- or long-term hardware and integrating it into our software. The hardware is simply installed, fully self-sufficient, and requires zero to little power. It also includes built-in 4G connectivity. Our devices are also equipped with speakers and alarm systems, making it easy to respond to any threat with numerous crime deterrence methods ensuring we can defuse any situation. Our software transmits alarms to a team of experts who use monitoring techniques, as well as built-in motion detection, to recognize any suspicious activity in real time. Summoning the authorities, sounding an alarm, and/or speaking directly with the intruder are all examples of actions that can be taken. All this comes with a built-in cost, long-term contract, full-time uninterrupted surveillance that covers multiple areas at once — all while saving you over a quarter of the cost on security, in addition to stabilizing your insurance premiums. Leave the worry behind; we take care of it all, from start to finish. We’ve got you covered while you go back to doing what you’ve been missing out on in the past. With VDS, if you don’t know the number of crimes we’ve deterred, our job is working. 

Now you know why you need remote video monitoring. Here’s why you need VDS.

Our systems are solely designed by us and assembled in our own plant using the creative touch and expert knowledge of our CTO, Joe Kruk. This benefits you because we have uniquely designed our software with heat detection sensors created specifically to eliminate false alarms. We pride ourselves on having the most accurate detectors of suspicious activity. More importantly, while other companies offer you a one-size-fits-all solution, we offer you the ultimate customer-customized experience. We know that every property or event has unique needs. That is why we work with you to craft the solution which best encompasses your personal needs. Be it through following protocols you’ve already implemented or by integrating facial recognition or with endless other options, our team works with you, then it works for you. Never will you have to worry about your needs being met. We offer what few can: peace of mind. We are the leaders in proactive crime deterrence. But why take our word for it? See for yourself at 

Start your proactive 24/7 crime deterrence today.

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