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When Should I Choose a Wireless Surveillance Camera System?

Video surveillance systems are the only practical way to secure a large facility, even when staff are on hand 24/7. When trying to protect a business that is closed for the night or is empty for long periods of time, video becomes an even more powerful tool. However, you’ll need to start by choosing the right video surveillance equipment for the job. Not all systems offer the same convenience or level of security against brute force attacks. Find out what situations call for using wireless surveillance camera systems to make sure you’re using these powerful tools to their best use.

Wired vs Wireless Camera Systems

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In contrast, wired surveillance systems are much more limited. The extensive wiring required to not only supply power but also a data connection to the cameras adds up quickly. It’s not uncommon for a commercial security system to require 10 or more cameras to cover a large facility or property. Trying to run wiring to all of those individual cameras and then maintaining hundreds of feet of wire is no small task. Choosing a wireless camera system eliminates all of those issues and the security risks that come with them. Consider that you shouldn’t just install the wiring for cameras out in the open and therefore would need to spend more time and expense on slab drilling or passing it through wall cavities.

Benefits of Going Wireless for Video Surveillance

video surveillance service. Technician installing camera

Of course, wireless cameras aren’t the right choice for every commercial security application. Yet going wireless does offer a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Greater flexibility of placement for installation since there are fewer cables to run
  • Reduced clutter from installation, making the addition more attractive and less noticeable to guests
  • Protection from sabotage since cameras can be placed higher and there are fewer wires to sever to destroy a connection
  • Ability to use cameras far from the main office or structure, as long as there is power and Wi-Fi available
  • Faster installation due to the reduced wiring
  • Streaming video provides more recording opportunities for back ups, even if the cameras are lost or destroyed
  • Advanced pan, tilt, motion detection, and night vision options to capture what’s happening
  • Outdoor weather resistance to ensure that rain, snow, and freezing temperatures don’t interfere with the camera’s performance.

Cameras Alone Aren’t Enough

For the greater level of security from a wireless surveillance system, someone needs to be watching the video feeds at all times. 24/7 surveillance is the key to turning a set of wireless cameras into an actual security solution. Without a human watching the screens, or at least advanced AI detection to flag movement and action, the footage simply sits on a hard drive until you’re ready to review it. Back up the peace of mind offered by installing cameras by enrolling in a commercial surveillance and monitoring program as well. Studies show that cameras, when combined with other features like security guards and better lighting, are particularly good at reducing vehicular accidents and crimes.

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How Can I Use the System?

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Wireless camera systems have many uses in the commercial field, such as:

  • Observing parking decks and other enclosed areas where crime might occur
  • Tracking customer patterns inside a store to detect shoplifting and to better set up displays to maximize foot traffic
  • Monitor operations when facility managers aren’t available to prevent overloads, shutoffs, and meltdowns
  • Secure construction sites and storage areas where valuable materials like copper can easily become a target of theft
  • Deter vandals and criminals from frequenting an area by visibly displaying cameras and warning signs about surveillance
  • Protect guests from parking lot accidents and crime by providing clear evidence of what occurred
  • Ensure employees aren’t being followed, harassed, or targeted as they move around the premises out of the sight of security guards.

These are just some of the many ways a wireless camera system can make a work place more secure. In addition to protecting from outside threats like vandals or burglars, video can make work safer for everyone within the company as well.

Does Wireless Surveillance Really Work?

In 2021, the world is set to hit a record with 1 billion surveillance cameras in operation around the world. It’s clear that demand for clear and accurate video feeds is growing everywhere. As Wi-Fi-enabled cameras improve in performance, it’s becoming easier to install them further and further from your main base of operations. Don’t be left behind as the rest of the world embraces one of the best ways to gather concrete evidence of damage or a crime. Multiple studies show that surveillance cameras can reduce crime when used in conjunction with other security measures.

Type of Business that May Benefit from Wireless Surveillance Systems

The list of businesses that could use these wireless surveillance systems is nearly endless, but it includes notable mentions like:

  • Malls, retail facilities, and other larger public properties being managed by a single firm
  • Apartments, condos, and other residential buildings with property managers
  • Parking lots and parking structures that can be particularly attractive to criminals or the scenes of vehicular accidents
  • Construction companies that handle multiple sites full of equipment and materials that are easily stolen
  • Schools, hospitals, government buildings, and more.

Don’t hesitate to look into adding a wireless surveillance system to your business today. No matter what kind of security problem you’re experiencing or want to prevent, there’s a surveillance and monitoring solution for it. Vision Detection Systems can provide both the equipment for surveillance and the monitoring services to give you peace of mind that your business is protected.

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