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Vision Detection Systems provides remote video monitoring and video surveillance systems to commercial and residential locations in Towson, MD. 

Our advanced security video equipment is the best way to prevent crime in conjunction with our highly trained staff.

After installing our advanced security camera systems, our Command Center staff can immediately observe your entire property.

If you currently have a camera system, we can monitor your existing equipment.  Our clients can always reach senior staff members when they need them, which is only one way we have earned their trust and satisfaction.  VDS is the right choice for remote video monitoring and video surveillance security camera systems.   

video surveillance camera
video surveillance security trailer

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Our state-of-the-art mobile surveillance trailer can be delivered to nearly any site in the Towson area. Because it is self-sufficient –it runs on either solar power or fuel, depending on the site—it is the perfect choice for construction sites that don’t already have a power source. As soon as our trailer is in place, your site will be monitored by our Command Center 24/7.  The mobile surveillance trailers can also be relocated to different areas around your site as your surveillance needs change.


  • Can be used for unconventional locations
  • Works in short or long-term situations
  • Can be moved as your needs change
  • Equipped with our advanced technology
  • Monitored 24/7, 365 Days per Year
installed video surveillance security camera

Installed Video Surveillance Systems

Installed video surveillance systems are the perfect solution for permanent installations.  Our installed video surveillance systems can be used on any permanent structure.  Our trained technicians will conduct a full assessment of your property and make a customized recommendation for your specific needs.  Once installed, our mounted surveillance units will begin operating and immediately start sending data to our Command Center.


  • Installed System
  • Customized for You
  • Ideal for Long Term Use
  • Has All Features of Our Advanced Technology
  • Monitored 24/7, 365 Days per Year


video surveillance

Remote Video Monitoring

At Vision Detection Services, we employ only the best personnel in the industry. Our command center staff are highly trained and carefully selected to provide the best service. When alerted, our staff will respond immediately with all actions necessary to avert or address any concern or crisis. The integrated two-way audio system allows our team to communicate when persons are seen on-site and determine if there are authorized to be on site.  The command center is available 24/7 to monitor your current equipment or equipment sourced from us.


  • Highly trained staff
  • Available 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Real-time monitoring

Why Our Clients Choose Us

At VDS, we are dedicated to finding solutions to the unique needs of every service location. We use advanced surveillance technology. Our employees are highly skilled, and senior management deals directly with clients.  We provide cost-effective security services while not sacrificing quality or professionalism. Vision Detection Services is the obvious choice when you need trustworthy Remote Surveillance Monitoring accomplished correctly in and around the Towson area.

Do you need video surveillance security services in Towson, MD? 

We are ready to help?

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