Glen Burnie Video Surveillance Services

Video Surveillance Services

Vision Detection Systems

Vision Detection Systems provides the highest quality remote video surveillance in the industry.

It is an ideal way to precisely monitor your Glen Burnie area business or residential site 24/7. Our highly qualified professional Command Center staff will be immediateley on the job after installing our state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment.

Camera monitoring system
Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Our portable, state-of-the-art mobile surveillance trailers can be delivered to nearly any site in the Glen Burnie area. The mobile surveillance systems 360-degree coverage is monitored by our Command Center 24/7.  Mobile trailers can operate as long or short a period as you require its services at your site. The mobile surveillance trailers can also be relocated to different areas around your site as your surveillance needs change.  Surveillance trailers are self-sufficient, running on solar or fuel power.  Trailers can be fully operational within minutes of when it is delivered.  Mobile surveillance trailers are an ideal option for construction sites, outdoor events, and more.


  • Can be used at remote locations
  • Does not require access to power
  • Portable, can be moved as needed
  • Ideal for short or long-term use
  • Uses our advance video surveillance technology
  • Monitored 24/7 in real-time

Installed Video Surveillance Systems

For more permanent surveillance requirements in and around the Glen Burnie area, VDS recommends our installed video surveillance system. Installed video surveillance systems can be installed on any existing structure or site with access to electric power. Our first step is to conduct a full assessment of your property and of your individual surveillance needs. Our technicians will then custom outline a strategy to install the best surveillance equipment available in the industry to provide full site coverage. Once installed, our mounted surveillance units will begin operating as soon as they are plugged into a power source.

wall mounted security video cameras


  • Permanently installed
  • Customized for your location
  • Ideal for Long Term Use
  • Used our advanced video surveillance technology
  • Remotely monitored 24/7
remote video monitoring command center

Remote Video Monitoring

Our Command Center is staffed with highly trained, carefully selected, and vetted surveillance professionals who meet the high expectations we know our clients desire and deserve. Our team leads the field in experience, training, and capability. When alerted, our Command Center staff will respond immediately with whatever action is necessary to avert or address any concern or crisis. Through the integrated two-way audio system, our team members can converse with anyone on the property and determine whether that individual’s purpose there is legitimate or not. The Command Center can monitor your property 24/7.  We can monitor the equipment that was installed by our technicians or use your existing equipment. 

Why Our Clients Choose Us

At Vision Detection Systems, we are dedicated to finding solutions to our clients’ unique surveillance requirements.  VDS provides the latest technology available in the security industry. Our employees are at the top in their field, and our clients have direct access to senior management.  We understand a security solution is of little use if the cost outweighs the benefit.  As a result, we offer our services at competitive prices. Vision Detection Systems is the obvious choice when you need trustworthy remote video monitoring or video surveillance services in Glen Burnie.

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