Video Surveillance Services in Dundalk, MD

video surveillance camera

Vision Detection Systems is a provider of quality video surveillance services and remote video monitoring and complete, quality video surveillance systems.

We provide short term and ongoing services to commercial and residential properties throughout the Dundalk, MD area.  From North Point Blvd to Broening Hwy and everything in between VDS is the right choice for video surveillance services in Dundalk, MD

Video surveillance is an excellent way to prevent criminal activity on and around your property. Our systems work in conjunction with our Command Center, which we staff with highly trained personnel committed to monitoring your properties.

Our monitoring service can work with existing camera systems, or systems that we provide.

Mobile Surveillance Trailers 

Mobile surveillance trailers are an effective solutions for locations that do not have access to power.  These systems can be configured to use fuel or solar power.  Both are perfect for sites that do not have power, such as remote properties, construction sites, and off-grid properties and homes.  The flexible fuel sources and modular allows our mobile surveillance trailers to be used at virtually any location.  One benefit of a mobile surveillance system is that it is movable and connects directly to our Command Center.

  • Perfect for anywhere where power is not available 
  • Ideal for short term use
  • Movable 
  • Built with modern technology 
  • Can be monitored remotely
mobile surveillance trailer
installed surveillance camera

Installed Video Surveillance Systems 

Installed video surveillance systems are excellent permanent video surveillance solution.  We install them on permanent structures such as homes or buildings with a viable power source.  Like mobile units, installed video security cameras can be monitored from our command center.

  • The system is permanently installed rather than mobile 
  • Can customize power, placement, and coverage specific to your property
  • It is an excellent option for long-term surveillance needs
  • Contains Video Detection Systems advanced tech
  • A visible deterrent that helps prevent crime. 

Remote Video Monitoring 

Vision Detection Services offers top-notch remote video monitoring services. Our command center staff and field crews are well trained, and experienced in video surveillance.   Do you currently have a video surveillance system?  Great!  We can monitor your existing equipment.  Of course we can also provide the equipment.  

Each property has a response plan.  When suspicious activity is observed, our staff immediately initiate the correct action when situations occur. With high-tech features, such as the two-way audio system, we can communicate directly with you or whoever is on-scene. 

  • Highly skilled personnel
  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring
  • Can monitor your existing camera equipment
video surveillance monitoring center

Why Our Clients Choose Us 

Video Detection Systems treats look at every location’s unique challenges.  From there, we design a surveillance system that offers outstanding coverage and back that up with professional monitoring. Our rates are reasonable, and our service is exceptional. We provide comprehensive video surveillance and remote video monitoring throughout the Dundalk, MD community.

Ready to get started?  Getting started is easy. Our team will evaluate your property and provide you with an easy-to-understand appraisal with recommendations for equipment installation. Because every property is different, we customize our approach to providing you with the best options at the best rates.   Service begins as soon as the system is connected. 

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