Video Surveillance Services in Columbia MD

Security is a critical element of your business. In a perfect world, you would not need to invest in video surveillance security systems. The reality is if you leave yourself and your company exposed, there will be people who see the exposure as an invitation for misconduct.  Video surveillance cameras are the best overall security measure for businesses, residential communities, and construction sites.  Our video surveillance systems and remote video monitoring services protect locations across Columbia, MD.

mobile video security camera


Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Maybe you are a construction company in need of video surveillance that can move to different locations on your job site. Or perhaps you are hosting an event and need cameras to monitor equipment staging areas. Whatever the case, maybe you will need a video monitoring system that can be set up, installed, and then taken down.  Our mobile surveillance trailers and monitoring equipment is the ideal solution.


  • Long-term and short-term options available
  • Easily broken down and moved to a different location
  • Can be used in just about any location
  • Provides you with 24/7, 365 monitoring

Installed Video Surveillance Systems

Installed video surveillance systems are the best permanent security solutions.  These systems can be installed at multiple locations across your property.  Multiple cameras combine resulting in a security solution.  Our team has significant security experience.  We know how criminals think and what they look for when attempting to get into a building. Our knowledge allows us to select the best installed video surveillance equipment and install it in the proper positon. We can install equipment out of view or plain view as a visible crime deterrent. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re able to work with you. 

Some benefits you can expect with installed video surveillance systems include:

  • Complete customization to better fit your needs
  • Perfect for long-term security monitoring
  • Additional cameras can always be added should you find the need
  • The highest level of advanced technology
  • 24/7, 365 monitoring
installed surveillance camera
remote security surveillance monitor

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote vidoe monitoring is the most effective part of any video surveillance system.  Professional security personnel monitor the camera feeds in real time.  

When they receive an alert, our staff will take action immediately with all necessary measures to respond appropriately to the situation. Our integrated two-way audio communications system allows our team members to report when a person or group is seen on the site, communicate with them, determine if they have the authorization to be there, and notify the authorities. Our Command Center staff are always on duty 24/7/365 monitoring your existing video security equipment or equipment we provided.

At Vision Detection Services, we hire only the best personnel available in the industry. All of our Command Center and field staff are highly-trained, experienced surveillance experts.  We carefully select personnel with a focus on providing the best security service. 

If you currently have a surveillance camera system, we can monitor your existing equipment.  You can rest assured that you will always be able to contact our senior staff members.  VDS is the best choice for remote video monitoring.


  • Highly-trained command center staff
  • Real-time security monitoring
  • Available 24/7, 365 days per year

Why Our Clients Work With Us

When it comes to video surveillance and monitoring, you can’t trust just anyone. Down equipment or faulty hardware can leave your entire surveillance camera system worthless. That is why we not only provide the highest quality equipment, but our senior management and field technicians are well trained.  They use their significant security experience to guide their service.  If you need video surveillance or remote video monitoring services in Columbia, MD, contact us.  We are here to help.

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