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Baltimore based Vision Detection Systems (VDS) is your best choice for professional video surveillance services no matter your job’s size.  Regardless of whether you need monitoring for your existing equipment or need a complete video surveillance system installed, we ready to help.  We customize our installed video surveillance systems and mobile surveillance trailers to meet your needs.  The combination of advanced surveillance equipment and remote monitoring results in an effective crime deterrent. 

Our Baltimore Video Surveillance Services:

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Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Video Surveillance is true 24/7 “eyes on” security coverage monitored from our Command Center by our professionally vetted and trained staff. Unlike conventional video systems, the instant our system alerts our Command Center, we can react in real-time to deter crime before it occurs.

Remote Video Surveillance will result in faster and more accurate responses to any suspected crisis. Our team members are trained to respond appropriately to all concerns by either notifying your contact person, alerting proper authorities, and speaking to someone onsite (including intruders) using our integrated audio system. Our motion detection and heat detection features will also alert to other events, such as fire or damage from outside sources. VDS provides the highest quality Remote Video Surveillance using the best equipment and personnel available in the security industry.

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Our state-of-the-art mobile surveillance trailer can be delivered to any site. It can provide all of the benefits of 360-degree coverage and will be monitored by our Command Center 24/7 but has the added advantage of being portable around the property as your needs change. This option is ideal for construction sites, parking lots, outdoor events, and more.

The trailer is equipped with motion cameras, lights, and sirens and an integrated audio system that communicates directly to our Command Center.  It can be used anywhere and can be solar-powered or fuel-powered. It can provide you with either a short-term or long-term solution to your security needs.

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Installed Video Surveillance Systems 

We can also install a state-of-the-art surveillance system to any existing structure or site with access to electric power. Our technicians will assess your site and design a plan using the best equipment available in the industry to provide full surveillance coverage of your entire property. Motion and heat detectors will alert our Command Center to any disturbance, intrusion, or other concern allowing us to provide whatever response is necessary. This system will also be equipped with an integrated audio system that allows our team to speak directly with anyone on site, whether that individual’s purpose there is legitimate or not. This feature will serve as a great deterrent for vandalism or other crimes perpetrated on your property.

 Why Baltimore Businesses Choose VDS

Vision Detection Services is a trusted and preferred security service provider in the Baltimore business community.  We employ top professionals and provide the latest technology equipment available. No other company uses Remote Video Surveillance with the same level of expertise as we do at VDS.  Locally owned and operated from our Baltimore, MD headquarters, we are your Baltimore, MD security experts.  Our clients enjoy direct access to senior management, and our staff is a well-trained team of professionals. We will provide your business with excellent 24/7 remote video surveillance. 


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