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Video Surveillance Camera Features to Consider

Security is a very important matter for your business. You need to make sure that your property is a safe haven for everyone within it and one way of doing this is by installing quality video surveillance cameras.

While typical security cameras supply the peace of mind of knowing you can have eyes on your building or construction site at all times, you should consider whether you need your security system to do more than that. Ask yourself if your business needs to seek video surveillance companies that give you more than the bare minimum. Having additional features can provide you with extra safety precautions and a quicker response time. They might also save you money in the long run.

Important Considerations for Your Video Surveillance Camera

  • Easy integration of the hardware and software with other security systems in your space, including access controls and the fire alarm. This ensures you have a central system to monitor and control all your other security systems.
  • The ability to choose which cameras record data and for what durations. This is because different spaces being monitored have different degrees of priority. Giving more recording time to cameras in more sensitive areas will help you maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.
  • A setting to offer you daily highlights, so you don’t have to go through every second of footage recorded every day even when nothing important happens. You can get a summary of the day’s events from highlights and these will serve you well and save your time.
  • Health status reports letting you know the status and functionality of all your recording devices and cameras as well as set corrective actions for when something is out of place.
  • Instant notifications of any mishaps or events that need your attention by Email, SMS, call, or even live video pop-up. This enables you to act immediately and prevent further damage from happening.
  • Rain resistance for surveillance cameras that will be set up in external spaces is an important factor to consider as well.
  • Low-light viewing for night vision application. 0 lux with inbuilt IR illuminators is a good setting for viewing in total darkness while 0.1 lux works well when yard lights are on, for instance. Make sure you get assistance from reputable video surveillance companies for the setting to go for.

Video surveillance can be your best partner for securing your premises, so do some research on good video surveillance companies that can back you in your endeavor to protect your buildings and businesses.

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