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Type of business that benefits from having a mobile video surveillance system

Mobile video surveillance system offers all the same benefits that installed video surveillance offers. The main difference between the two is that mobile video surveillance cameras is just that — it’s movable. That fact opens up the possibilities for mobile surveillance to businesses and locations that may not have power or require temporary surveillance. Below, we discuss four types of companies that benefit from mobile video surveillance. 

Types of Businesses That Benefit from Mobile Video Surveillance

1 Construction Companies

Construction sites are often without power, making the self-contained mobile surveillance system a perfect fit for the construction industry. Mobile Surveillance benefits construction businesses by:

  • Highly Visible, mobile surveillance units are a deterrent to crime and vandalism. 
  • Movable so as the construction site changes, so can the video surveillance. Position the unit where it matters post, or add a second unit to cover the site completely. 
  • Short-term or long-term usage – The unit is there as long as you need it. 
  • Add-on services, such as complete monitoring 24/7/365, saves you the pain and hassle of monitoring the surveillance video yourself. Complete monitoring keeps your site safer even while you sleep. 
  • Monitors employee activity too. If you need to make sure work is done safely, if productivity remains appropriate, or if employees take supplies or tools, mobile surveillance has it covered. 
  • Perfect for pre-site construction sites and renovation projects where electricity is not available or limited to specific locations. 
  • Movable means the placement of the system can change throughout the day or as needed. 
  • Prevent the loss of tools 
  • Prevent the loss of materials
  • Prevent of revenue

2. Agriculture

Many agriculture sites are vast stretches of land that may not be inspected often. Still, there are plenty of reasons why a mobile video surveillance system is a plus. 

  • Safety — trespassers often swim or access irrigation ponds for recreation usage. That access is a safety issue as people get into irrigation ponds and cannot get out. Mobile Surveillance video systems are a deterrent, and with live surveillance, notification of the authorities occurs quickly, so the response is faster. 
  • Protection of assets, such as equipment
  • Protection of supplies
  • Prevention of vandalism and tampering  
  • Protect livestock from harm and theft
  • Prevent illegal dumping 
  • Prevent criminal activities such as arson
  • Perfect for situations where power is not available. Solar power systems have a remarkable up-time. 
  • Real-time surveillance makes it easier to report and stop crime before it happens. 
  • Moveable units let you put eyes on where you need them most. 

Most agricultural farms and ranches are remote. Those areas statistically attract more crime than areas where people are present more often. What are the top three crimes committed on farms and ranches? 

  1. Theft at 46.8 percent
  2. Trespassing at 44 percent
  3. Vandalism at 42.7 percent. 

Crime in rural areas is encouraged by the lower risk of being caught. With mobile video surveillance cameras, the odds of getting caught rise significantly. Mobile video is a deterrent to theft, trespassing, and vandalism. 

3. Utilities and Communication Companies

mobile surveillance security trailer

Crime happens in all industries around the country, including damage and vandalism to cell towers, utility, power plants, oil and gas sites, solar farms, and energy substations. Worse is the situation where someone trespassing or vandalizing your site gets hurt, and you are somehow responsible. Mobile Video Surveillance helps by:

  • Reducting the loss of materials and supplies or parts from equipment, which are of cash value to thieves. Remote industrial sites are targets of wire theft, parts theft, and supply theft. All three robberies easily convert to cash through a recycling program. 
  • Spot trespassers, protestors, vandals quickly with mobile video live surveillance. 
  • Decrease the risks from non-permitted and trespasser injuries with video surveillance. 
  • Decrease downtime thanks to stolen materials or parts
  • Decrease risks of injury to employees who might accidentally disrupt theft
  • Deter theft, trespassing, and vandalism with evident mobile video units. 
  • Decrease damage to oil and gas production equipment, power and utility sites and substations, and solar farm structures. 
  • Decrease or prevent loitering, squatting, and other forms of trespassing
  • With add-on services, you gain 24/7 live surveillance with instant interaction via alerts and activation of law enforcement. 

Remote sites are common targets. Despite dangers, thieves, vandals, and trespassers access to oil and gas sites, utility plants and substations, community solar farms, and other areas. Because mobile video surveillance can utilize solar power, they are perfect for remote locations where power may not be available. The fact that they are movable also allows you to position them where they are most needed.

4. Commerical Property Management

Shopping centers and large office buildings share similar parking lot security concerns.  Most of those concerns  can be addressed by having a mobile video surveillance trailer.

Commercial Parking Lot Safety Concerns

  • Vandalism
  • Car theft
  • Robbery & assault
  • Safety hazards

 Installing cameras on lampposts is an effective approach from a technical standpoint.  However, the realities of extending power to parking lot cameras makes installed cameras costly and impractical for most parking lots.  As a result, commercial property managers prefer monitored video surveillance.  Video surveillance trailers are self powered by solar power or gas fuel.  The elimination of power issues results in the ideal solution for parking lot safety problems. 

5. Event Companies (Festivals and Fairs )

Outdoor events attract many people, and mobile video surveillance helps keep those people where they belong. Some events have adult-only areas. Mobile video is perfect for outdoor events where power options are limited or nonexistent. Thanks to solar power units, our mobile video units can be deployed anywhere they receive sunlight. Here are a few ways that mobile video can help at fairs, festivals, and outdoor events.

  • Video surveillance with active monitoring can direct security to areas where minors are mixing with adults. 
  • Reduce the threat of break-ins to guest vehicles with mobile video surveillance units. Video monitoring is a deterrent to crime and vandalism. 
  • Provide an active link to the security system with active monitoring mobile video surveillance. Active monitoring can tie security personnel to remote areas of a fair or festival or in situations where other types of incidents can occur, such as drinking, drug use, fighting, and violence. The active surveillance team contacts your security contacts and alerts them to potential situations before those situations escalate. 
  • Monitor staff and guests to keep them where they belong. 
  • Monitor vendors and sales areas to protect them from thieves
  • Increase visitor confidence with video surveillance. 

Many of the ways mobile video surveillance systems help these industries apply to other types of businesses. If you want to learn how to choose a video surveillance provider read this article we wrote for you. From prevention to increased safety and guest confidence and as an active bridge between surveillance and security, mobile surveillance units go where traditional surveillance units cannot. 

Suppose your business relies on creating trust for your buying community or has experienced theft, vandalism, or frequent trespassing. In that case, mobile video surveillance services like ours might be a good fit and tool for preventing these types of crime. 

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