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Reasons why every construction site needs monitored security cameras.

There is always a lot of activity happening at construction sites.  During working hours, dozens of workers, inspectors, vehicles, and materials come in and out and move throughout the site.  There are many threats for construction sites, especially when everybody goes home by the end of the day.  After hours, equipment and material sit there unattended, waiting for the next day’s work to begin.  

 From accidents to vandalism to theft, construction sites can be vulnerable to a wide range of potential problems. Some superintendents fight theft by installing record only video cameras.  Record only video systems have been found to be easily thwarted by suspects wearing masks.  Another issue is that thefts are not discovered until the next morning.   With remotely monitored surveillance systemstrained security personnel watch the camera feeds in real-time.  They take immediate action whenever a threat is detected.  This is why monitored security cameras are considered to be the most effective crime prevention system.   There are many benefits to securing your construction site using monitored systems 

1. Prevents criminal activity

Equipment theft costs construction companies billions of dollars every year.  Thieves often target construction sites because they have well-defined working hours and no one present after the workday is done.  Theft of equipment does not only cost you what it takes to replace the equipment. There are secondary problems caused by the loss, such as expensive downtime, missed deadlines, time spent dealing with police and insurance, and the potential for higher insurance premiums in the future.  

Surveillance Camera Capturing Burglar Using Crowbar To Open Glass Door

Record only video surveillance systems provide the visible evidence after the damage is done.  Most monitored camera systems are set up to detect motion.  Any motion on the site will trigger an alarm and alert the command center.  Trained security professionals can then notify the police. The fast police response can mean that equipment is less likely to be stolen, saving you the hassle of dealing with the theft.  

2. Overall improvement of your construction site security

Deterring crime is not the only benefit of having a security camera monitoring up and running in your construction site. Professional camera monitoring companies will have a team over their command center proactively conducting virtual patrols. By doing so, they will be able to spot irregularities all over your property. 

Security Irregularities

Signs of water Damage

Signs of Smoke and Fire

Misplaced Pieces of equipment

Potential security breaches

Early detection of these types of situations will save you money.  There is nothing faster than the response from a live dispatcher who is monitoring your location in real-time.  

3. Aiding in a criminal case.

Winning a criminal prosecution is all about evidence.  The more evidence that prosecutors have, the more likely they are to get a conviction.  If your site is robbed or vandalized, having video evidence can be helpful.  Having a live person who can testify in addition to the video recording is even better.  Dispatchers can testify the details of what they saw and how they responded.  Their testimony gives context to the video feed.  

4. prevents trespassing and vandalism

Some people are curious about what is being built. Others are out to cause mischief. Neither type of intruder belongs on your site.  A construction site can be a dangerous place for unauthorized visitors. Unfinished structures can be extremely dangerous for people without protective equipment. 

Trespassers can also cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage in a surprisingly short period of time. Vandals may not be interested in robbing your site, but they may be interested in causing damage for fun.  Monitored security can catch them quickly before they cause themselves bodily harm or undo your hard work. By stopping vandalism before it starts, construction site managers can save themselves from replacing damaged equipment and production delays.  In addition, lawsuits from injuries can also be avoided by preventing unauthorized visitors inside your property.  It is common for trespassers to be injured on a site and then file suit against the construction company for their injuries.  By having a team of professionals monitoring your site, you can ensure that the trespasser is discovered before they have time to be injured.  

5. Cutting insurance costs

Monitored video surveillance results in a faster response.  Trespassers and criminals are discovered before they have time to do damage.  Fast resonse combined with visible deterence results in less incidents.  Over time, a reduced number of incidences on your sites can help lower your insurance premiums.   A lower-risk client is more attractive to insurance companies.  Insurance companies are willing to offer lower rates to keep low risk clients.  Some insurance companies will reduce insurance rates based solely on the presence of a monitored surveillance system.  

Lets do a quick recap!

Benefits of having monitored security camera systems
  • Prevents criminal activity
  • Prevents trespassing and vandalism
  • Aids in a criminal case.
  • Overall improvement of your construction site security 
  • Cutting insurance costs

Remote monitored video surveillance is like having virtual security staff that can patrol every part of your site at once, discouraging trespassers, stopping thieves in the act, and keeping your site safe from a wide array of risks. When you have this sort of monitoring in place, it frees you to think about all the other things that need your attention. You know that your site is under watch and safe.  

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