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Our Plant

Among the unique services we at VDS provide, perhaps the most incomparable is our Manufacturing Facility, or as we call it, our Plant. It is there that we work tirelessly to create and continually recreate the most up-to-date hardware, using the latest in security methods and technology to ensure that we satisfy our customers’ every need. 

Our plant serves as one of the most prideful aspects of our company. This is in large part due to the fact that, for efficiency purposes, most companies with similar assembly requirements prefer to offshore these assembly plants. The following statement was made by a large company to explain why they offshore the assembly: 

The main benefit is that offshore manufacturing can produce in large quantities; the only requirement is that your products must be ready for mass-production first. 

These large companies are saying that it is quicker and more cost-effective to outsource production. However, we have found that this method can sometimes be neither. A 2020 article on the topic was quoted saying: 

These methods may require engineering reviews and changes, all of which can be difficult with a manufacturer on another continent. Getting a product ready for efficient large-volume manufacturing at an offshore manufacturing facility can end up costing you unexpected time and money. 

This article seems to contradict the goal entirely. While this debate may be strong on both ends, the “method to our madness” is one of great consideration toward our clients. Oftentimes, clients call us with extremely distinctive personal security needs. These needs are always met. No matter the need, we can customize a solution for you. You see, when our security experts are paired with our own engineers, the options are endless. We carefully analyze each situation and formulate a solution that fits those specific needs. Of course, this is a goal we can only attain with our own manufacturing plant. Catering to our clients’ needs is and has always been paramount for us. 

We find that this method is the most efficient and only way to provide this unequivocally unique service. 

In addition, we know that our assembly is of the highest quality and built for the long run, outlasting any of the competition under all conditions. We can assure you of this because we built it ourselves. Finally, allow me to shed some additional light on the aforementioned debate. 

While other companies have built-in fees to cover themselves in the event of any unknown that comes along with an offshore assembly facility, the only true cost cuts are made by the companies themselves. VDS, on the other hand, is built for you, the client. We can guarantee lower costs and always keep to our word, with no added costs or hidden fees. 

Overall, we feel that our assembly team and on-site location are all a part of our promise to customize the best experience for you. 

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