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Monitored Video Surveillance

At Baltimore based Vision Detection Systems we know technology and we know the security industry. Our unique, originally designed state-of-the-art mobile surveillance trailers fill a very important need by providing reliable and sophisticated monitoring at sites that have been underserved in the past. The surveillance trailer can be delivered to practically any site as soon as necessary. It requires no installation and will be up and running as soon as it is delivered. We will then monitor its surveillance feed in our Command Center. Our Command Center is staffed by highly trained professionals 24/7.

How Mobile Surveillance Trailers Work

Vision Detection System delivers our surveillance trailer directly to your site.  It is then immediately able to employ its heat sensors and motion sensors to allow its multiple cameras to collect 360 degrees of relevant data to feed back to our Command Center. Our Command Center is manned by highly trained professionals 24/7. Our surveillance trailer monitors your property in real time which is far more effective than video cameras that only record, and that can only provide usable information after a crime has already been committed. The trailers can be solar powered, powered by a generator, or plugged into an existing electrical outlet.

video surveillance security trailer


  • Can be delivered directly to nearly any site
  • Requires no additional installation or power source
  • Ready to work immediately
  • Surveils 360 degrees of your property
  • Monitored in real time by highly trained professionals
  • 24/7 surveillance

The Advantages Of Surveillance Trailers:

The use of this trailer is a great tool for proactively deterring crime because it is equipped with an integrated system that includes flashing red and blue lights, a siren, and a two-way audio system that is linked directly to our Command Center. With the audio system, our staff can interact with anyone on the property, whether that person or persons are permitted to be there or not.  Our Command Center team members are professionally trained to assess every situation and to respond appropriately to all concerns by either notifying your designated contact person, contacting local authorities, or in any other way necessary to diffuse the situation at hand. Utilizing our personnel can also save you money on payroll and training because our staff is already fully trained and very familiar with this state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, you can reposition our surveillance trailer to a new location on your property when your needs change, for instance in the event of new construction advancing. Hand-in-hand with our Command Center our surveillance trailer can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that Vision Detection Services has eyes on your entire site.

mobile surveillance trailer


  • Integrated motion and heat detectors
  • Integrated two-way audio system
  • State-of-the-art technology designed to save you time and money
  • Sturdy design that can be used in almost any terrain

Where Mobile Surveillance Trailers Are Used

Since the surveillance trailer does not need any additional power source, it is an ideal solution for long-term or short-term security challenges.  The mobile system is also great for locations that do not have access to electricity. It is also a perfect choice for places such as construction sites, equipment and storage yards, warehouses, parking lots, car dealerships, outdoor events and festivals, and more. It can also be activated for use overnight or in any other instance when a property should be vacant.   Mobile surveillance trailers can watch your entire location regardless of how long or short a time period your location needs protection.  

Best Locations For Mobile Surveillance Trailers

construction site video surveillance security system

Construction Sites

parking lot video surveillance

Parking Lots

event security cameras


fenced in security camera area

Fenced Areas

Other Services

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