Baltimore Installed Video Surveillance

Monitored Video Surveillance

Baltimore based Vision Detection System created and developed the industry’s most efficient and reliable mounted surveillance units to provide the most effective approach to long-term security.  These cameras are installed at your location and monitored remotely from our command center.  The surveillance cameras can be mounted to nearly anything, and installation can be as simple as plugging them into an outlet. We install and maintain the units for you.

Installed Surveillance Camera Systems

Our installed video surveillance cameras do more than capture data.  They are monitored in real-time by our command center.  Command center dispatchers can see activity, engage suspects, and dispatch law enforcement.  Monitored surveillance cameras are the best option for protecting commercial locations from crime.


  • Latest technology
  • Multiple cameras
  • Built-in 4G internet
  • Two-way audio system
  • Professionally monitored 24/7
  • Flashing lights deterrent
  • Very suitable for long-term surveillance
  • Lower cost than security guards
  • Customized for you
  • Monitored in real-time
  • Great crime deterrent
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Advanced Surveillance Technology

As with our trailer system, our fixed mounted unit uses the latest in both security and camera technology. It is outfitted with multiple high-resolution cameras that can provide 360-degree coverage of your site in real-time. By using built-in 4G internet access, it operates without requiring a specific infrastructure. It is also equipped with a two-way communication system that is directly linked to our professionally staffed Command Center.  Two-way communication allows our staff to speak with anyone on site, whether those persons have legitimate business on the property or not. Our Command Center is manned 24/7.

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How our Surveillance Camera Systems Work

  1. When the cameras detect motion, the system alerts that command center of a possible intrusion.
  2. Dispatchers observe the camera feed and determine the nature of the threat.
  3. If persons are seen on site, the dispatcher can communicate with the persons and determine if they are authorized to be on site.
  4. If the persons are unauthorized, the dispatchers give a verbal warning, sound the alarm, and contact law enforcement.
  5. Dispatchers continue to observe and engage while law enforcement is on the way.

Better Than Traditional Camera Systems

Unlike conventional surveillance cameras, our units provide information that our team members can assess and respond to immediately in whatever way the situation necessitates. Traditional cameras only provide data that can be useful only after a crime has been committed. They give you a clear image of the mask the suspects are wearing or the number from the stolen tags on their vehicle. 

Vision Detection System’s monitored, fixed mounted surveillance unit is the most cost-effective way available in the industry to provide long-term monitoring of your business site. Our technicians can customize and install a system perfect for your location.

Our system deters crime before it happens, saving you the hassle and the cost of damage or theft. With our system in place, your property will be safer and more secure.

Where Fixed Mounted Surveillance Units Can Be Used

Our installed, mounted surveillance camera systems are ideal for surveillance needs at many locations, such as warehouses, office complexes, apartment or condominium buildings, any sites with a large common area, and more. They are also a great choice for construction sites that are in the later stages of completion.

Our system can be customized to meet the exact needs of any location, large or small, where electricity is available.

  • Perfect for already established buildings
  • Great for late-stage construction sites
  • Customized for you

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