How Many Security Cameras Do I Need to Protect My Business?

If you’re in business, you know that keeping your business and property secure is paramount. You’ve decided to go with a video surveillance system, and you already looked for professional security camera installation services near your area. But now you’re wondering how many cameras you need to install to protect your business.

You may have read someplace that you need somewhere between 16 and 64 cameras to protect your business. This is a huge range, and these numbers may feel arbitrary given they don’t take into account the overall layout and size of your property.

In truth, there isn’t a quick answer to the question of how many cameras. Much of the answer depends on what you are looking to protect with your video surveillance system and what results you expect. So, when you start thinking about cameras, you need to think about how you wish to protect your property.

How Big is Your Property?

Before calling any professional security camera installation company, you need to ask yourself this question. How big is the area you need to be covered? That answer will dictate how many cameras you need. Naturally, more significant properties are going to need more cameras than smaller ones.

Vision detection systems VDS

What is the Layout of Your Property?

Just as important as the size of the property is the layout of your property. For example, how many entrances does the property have? Does it have areas where intruders could hide or break in easily? Are there areas with landscaping, parking lots, or other areas that need surveillance? Do you require video surveillance on properties that have many stories or those that are on one level? Are you protecting an inside area, an outdoor area, or maybe a mixture of both? Professional security camera installation companies like ours will help you determine the exact amount of cameras for your property layout.

Who/What Are You Watching?

Are you looking for intruders after hours? Are you watching customers prevent theft? Are you keeping an eye on employees in sensitive areas? Maybe you need a combination of surveillance to be sure you keep your property safe. What property or assets need to be watched? Where is your property the most vulnerable? Does your building have windows on the ground floor which are easily accessible? Maybe you need to watch the gates on your property. Perhaps some areas aren’t particularly well lit that need monitoring. Make sure you address all of these questions when hiring professional security camera installation services.

What is Your Goal for the Surveillance System?

It’s easy to say you want to deter crime, but how do you want to prevent it?

  • You want to sound an alarm when there’s an intruder.
  • You want to alert the police that there is a break-in to stop it while in progress.
  • You want to record what is happening.
  • You want to be notified when there is a break-in.
  • You want to monitor during business hours.
  • You want to monitor after business hours.
  • You want the video system to act as a deterrent.

While recording what is happening is helpful, video surveillance systems that monitor the cameras 24/7 can help stop crime while it happens. See how monitored security cameras can help construction site security right here.

Do You Need Hidden or Visible Cameras?

When people think of security cameras, they often think of installing visible cameras that record what is happening. These cameras often act as deterrents, in and of themselves. But hidden cameras can be helpful, too. For example, hidden cameras can be used to capture employee theft and other less desirable behaviors.

Do You Need Night Vision Cameras?

Some low light/no light places could benefit from cameras equipped with night vision, especially when it comes to monitoring the outdoor property. You may need more cameras in dark areas due to possible resolution issues the farther the distance from the camera. If you consider that this might be your case, we recommend you to look for professional security camera installation services in your area instead of the DIY approach. Professionals will be able to install and properly set up the cameras for night vision.

Where You Might Need Cameras

parking lot video surveillance

Businesses usually need cameras in the following places:

  • Parking lots.
  • Gates.
  • Fence perimeters.
  • All entrances and exits to buildings (interior and exterior).
  • Lobbies.
  • Ground-level windows.
  • Fire escapes.
  • Elevator entrances on each floor.
  • Customer service areas.
  • Store interiors.
  • Cashiers and customer service areas.
  • Any place where there is property you need to be surveilled.
  • High-risk areas for intruders such as alleyways, places with bushes and trees, darkened or shadowy areas.

To keep in Mind

Tips for Surveillance Systems
  • Generally, you should aim at having cameras cover your entire property in a 360-degree circle. That way you have full coverage to either prevent or identify the intruders.
  • Plan on mounting your cameras as high as reasonably possible so the intruders cannot easily disable them, and you have a good view from above.
  • Choose a surveillance system that offers 24/7 coverage so that your property is protected year-round.
  • Choose a monitored surveillance system over one that just records because, in many cases, they can stop the crime as it is occurring.
  • Cameras should not be installed in places of expected privacy, such as restrooms or dressing rooms.
  • Choose as many cameras as you need to cover the entire area you need monitoring.
  • Choose a video surveillance company that can help you map out and choose the right cameras for the best coverage of your property.

The number of your cameras depends mainly on the size and layout of your property, what areas are vitally important, and what you need to monitor. It would help if you didn’t skimp when it comes to keeping your property safe, as intruders and would-be thieves are quite capable of determining holes in security and taking advantage of them. See how surveillance cameras have helped to reduce the crime rate in this article.

After considering the cost of theft, loss of vital information, destruction of property, loss of work time, setbacks, and restoration, it becomes evident that the money spent for professional security camera installation services is insignificant compared to the overall deterrent of robust security and video surveillance system. This does not even consider the hours associated with recovering property and returning your business to the state it was in before vandalism and theft.

This is why you need to consider not only the cost of the cameras and other hardware, as well as the cost of a video surveillance system. When choosing a video surveillance system, consider a system that is monitored in real-time and the surveillance company capability to send emergency responders to your business while the crime is still taking place. That way, you are not reacting to the crime but have actually stopped it from occurring.

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