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5 Video Surveillance Security Tips For Businesses

Video Surveillance is almost a must in today’s business world, not just protecting businesses from theft and burglary. Video surveillance for business is also a way to help prevent bullying, hazing, and other types of psychosocial crimes from occurring in the workplace. So what can companies do to make sure their video surveillance system is a well-oiled machine? Follow these video surveillance tips for businesses to keep your video system on track and doing its job. 

1 Appropriately Place Cameras

Video surveillance camera systems have a couple of jobs in the business environment. First, they alert would-be thieves that their actions are on video. In that role, they act as a deterrent to theft and other crimes such as vandalism. Secondly, they help record the day and night activities within their field of vision. 

Place cameras in the right places, such as monitoring a doorway or a supply cabinet. When determining where to place video cameras, a good tip is to make sure that you follow any local, state, or federal laws about video surveillance systems for business. For example, don’t place video surveillance in a bathroom where people may be exposed. Also, check about whether you need to post that video cameras are present. 

Your goal is to prevent crime or record crime should it happen. Video camera placement should follow that goal—place cameras where they will cover the most space. Click here to see how surveillance cameras help to increase crime prevention rates

2 Use Technology Wisely

Many video surveillance systems for businesses are connected wirelessly to a master system. These types of connections are valuable, but they can also be your Achilles’ Heel.

Make sure that your wireless connections are secure and that hackers cannot access your security system. When a hacker gains access to your business video surveillance system, they can deactivate it, making burglary easier and nearly risk-free. Easy ways to decrease the risk of hackers gaining access to your video surveillance system include:

  • Scheduled password maintenance — Make a date to change the password for the system at least once every 30-days. If your business is a high-risk industry, change the password more often. A good tip is also to change the username when you change the password. If you have an IT department, they can schedule alerts that require a new password.
  • Limit access to the intelligent part of the system. By reducing access, you reduce the risk of hackers accessing the system by hacking someone’s data. 
  • Ensure that your business’ network is also secure. Hackers have a more challenging time accessing internet-connected systems if they cannot access your network. Therefore, change passwords often, and consider changing usernames at the same time. This level of protection should become standard procedure. 

3 Use The Cloud

Countless burglaries go unsolved because, along with the valuables, the robbers stole the videotape or DVD from the business’s video surveillance security system. With cloud storage, burglars cannot take the evidence with them. In addition, cloud storage makes it much easier for businesses to present evidence should a crime occur. 

Some reasons to consider the cloud as the place to store video footage include:

  • You can access the cloud from any spot where there is a viable internet connection — so long as you have the credential to access the account. 
  • Cloud storage can eliminate the need for expensive DVR or NVR units. 
  • The system is scalable should expand locations or remove locations. 

4 Consider Mobile Video Surveillance

mobile video security camera

Not every business is capable of mounted video surveillance systems. For those that are not, mobile video surveillance offers the same level of security in a mobile unit. Therefore, mobile video surveillance systems are appropriate for business:

  • Without power — the mobile units can run on solar power.
  • High-risk Job-sites — The mobile units are highly visible and act as a deterrent.
  • Where you want to move the system from point A to point B are good examples — such as construction sites, fairs, festivals, and remote locations. 

One benefit of mobile surveillance is that it can be long-term or short-term. If you want to know more about how mobile video surveillance services work and how they can help your business, click here.

5 Add-on Services Make Video Surveillance Customizable to Your Business

A video surveillance system for your business can be a lot more than just a camera recording video. For example, you can pair your video surveillance system with a live monitoring team that physically watches the live footage of your business in real-time 24-hours per day, seven days per week, and during holidays and while your business is closed. 

  • Live Video Monitoring — When you choose a video monitoring team like ours, your video surveillance system’s criminal activity, such as burglary or vandalism, is reported immediately so that the authorities can intervene. In addition, if you pair your system to a smart device via an app, you can also monitor video coverage as it occurs. 
  • Go High Definition — The quality of the video is often better when you add on services such as high definition. Better images make it crystal clear, and that can help authorities make positive IDs of criminals. 
  • Infrared and Night Vision — Nighttime capabilities are also an add-on service. Being able to capture video at night is essential as nighttime is a prime time for crime. In addition, less light means less risk of getting caught, except when the video camera can see in the dark. 

These five ways businesses can improve their video surveillance system show us how much more there is to a video surveillance system than just a camera and a recorder. Companies use video surveillance to protect themselves from employee lawsuits, prevent crime and theft, and reduce the risk of workplace violence.  

Is your business ready for video surveillance? If so, give us a call. We can answer your questions and give you details that are specific to your company and industry. Every business has unique challenges when it comes to security. Video surveillance capabilities make it easier to address those challenges, and it can do so with little intrusion. With wireless capabilities, a video surveillance system installation can be complete in less than a day. With mobile access, you can monitor the live video or send it to the cloud for safe storage. Please find out more about how video surveillance can benefit your business by calling us. 

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