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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Monitored Video Surveillance System

Recent property crime statistics provided by the U.S. FBI should make all business owners think twice about leaving their store unmonitored by a video surveillance system. For example:

  • Nearly seven million property crimes were reported in 2019 by commercial and residential building owners. Property crimes include vandalism, armed robberies, stealing, burglaries, and vehicle thefts.
  • For every 100,000 U.S. citizens, approximately 2,200 reports being the victim of a property crime
  • Property crimes cost business and homeowners over $15.5 billion annually

Fortunately, business owners are finding innovative methods for preventing employee and non-employee theft. One of the most affordable, evidence-based methods to deter crime is surveillance camera installation.

comprehensive review of dozens of journal articles and reports found that installing video surveillance systems and CCTVs is exceptionally effective for deterring or reducing crime. When combined with security lighting, the presence of security guards, and other anti-crime techniques, video surveillance systems represent the most reliable way to defend your business from both spur-of-the-moment and planned crimes. Keep reading to learn more about 5 reasons why your business needs a monitored video surveillance system.

1. Acts as a Deterrence to Criminals Thinking About Committing a Crime

The one characteristic of all thieves is that they are, above all, opportunistic. In other words, a seasoned criminal can expertly scan the exterior and interior of a business and determine within seconds the chance they can rob your store and get away with it. Criminals will actively avoid companies equipped with visible video surveillance devices. They know it just takes one image capture of their face is enough for police to identify, locate and arrest them. Criminals are also aware of the increasing ubiquity of monitored video surveillance systems. What better proof is there of a crime taking place than having a flesh and blood person watching them do the crime in real-time?

2. Helps Reduce Employee Crime

For employers running businesses where employee theft is a genuine risk, interior video surveillance can either reduce instances of employee crime or eliminate it. In addition, business insurance agencies may offer policy discounts to owners utilizing video surveillance systems.
Employee crime that can be easily caught by camera surveillance involves employees stealing money, taking store items, and harassment of other employees. Employee crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, or wage theft usually require a forensic accountant to discover the loss of funds. However, installing video surveillance systems can show employees acting suspiciously (being in areas they shouldn’t be, messing with computers outside their department, etc.), which may warrant a deeper investigation into possible employee crime.

3. Allows Business Owners to Enjoy Their Weekends

If you own a business and constantly worry about being robbed or vandalized over the weekend or while on vacation, stop worrying and install a video surveillance system. You can choose to have it monitored by humans 24/7 or use a surveillance system you can watch on your computer at any time. As soon as you see someone acting suspiciously around your business, you can contact your local police department and stop the crime before it happens.

4. Stops Scammers in Their Tracks--Literally

The National Insurance Crime Bureau analyzed nearly 7000 questionable slip and fall claims filed in courts across the U.S and found over 55 percent were eventually paid by the business owner’s general liability insurance. The NICB also reports that scammers trying to steal money from businesses by filing a bogus slip and fall claims continue to rise annually.
It takes a professional slip and fall scammer five minutes to pretend to fall in a store and fake an injury. Some will pour water on the floor before “falling” or deliberately break something (a bottle of maple syrup, for example) to make it look like the store was negligent. Unless monitored video surveillance cameras protect a store, it boils down to the store owner’s word against the scammer. Unfortunately, scammers are usually represented in court by less-than-reputable attorneys and doctors.

5. Increases Safety of Customers and Employees

Video surveillance cameras installed on parking lots and the exterior of commercial buildings significantly reduce vehicle thefts and break-ins. Monitored video surveillance also makes customers and employees feel safer when returning to their cars after dark. When they know someone is watching them, they know help will be immediately dispatched if a criminal ambushes them. Ideally, business owners would install video cameras at all exits and entrances of their building to better support the safety of customers and employees.

Let's go over some extra details

Additional Benefits of a Monitored Video Surveillance System
  • Surveillance systems can be customized to accommodate unusual building dimensions, fluctuating customer population, and parking lots with problematic security areas
  • Sirens and flashing lights incorporated in video surveillance systems maximize deterrence of criminal activity
  • Individuals monitoring a video surveillance system can talk to business owners in real-time using state-of-the-art audio technology
  • No need to upgrade cameras already installed at your business. Professional staff can monitor these cameras as well as newly installed cameras
  • Reduces overhead costs by eliminating the need for on-site security personnel
  • Peace of mind employers, employees, and customers enjoy knowing a 24/7 monitored video surveillance system protects them is priceless.

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